Staying positive with MS

Cognitive Testing

On Monday I spent the day at the hospital with the specialist my neurologist sent me to going through a series of cognitive tests. It was both exhaustive and exhausting. It could not have caught me on a day where I did worse, and all of the most taxing tasks were done in the afternoon when my mental faculties are at their lowest. I couldn’t have asked for a more accurate example of what it is I am working to deal with. I am very pleased.

We spent a large amount of time talking (mostly listening, in my case), and covered pretty much every possible topic to at least some degree. It was not a happy thing to go through, but I am glad it was done. I will touch on just a little bit of the things I took away from it here.

1. Exercise is king. I knew that, but he harped on it a great deal. Also, he said that aqua therapy gives results that are “Leaps and bounds above and beyond” any other form of exercise. He was very explicit in what therapies I need to do. He said it is a significant investment of time and effort under specified circumstances, but I just need to make it happen. That’s what I’m going to do.

2. I’m obsessive. I knew that, but he stressed that a good bit. That’s fine, I just need to choose what to obsess over carefully. I am going to redouble my efforts in this area again, as I’ve become somewhat lax there.

3. My attention wanes. That hasn’t always been the case. Being honest with myself about that was a driving force in going down this road. He reiterated that again.

He spent a good deal of time talking about potential medication to help to deal with these things too, and that will be something I discuss with my neurologist. It will be very interesting to see where things go from here.

I’ve barely skimmed the surface on a small percentage of what was covered on Monday. I will discuss things more as we move forward.