Staying positive with MS

Next steps

It has taken me longer than I originally intended to get to this update. I’ve still been working towards my goals. Since my last update, I did go over all the test results with my neurologist. There were no real surprises there. The biggest takeaway is that I’ve apparently developed some symptoms related to ADD, and now have a prescription to deal with that. I’m currently in the phase of finding a baseline dosage, I.E. one small enough that it has no noticeable impact. From there the dosage will go up. At that point, it’ll either be all good, or we’ll move on to another drug.

This was not originally something I particularly relished. I think I’ve dragged my feet for long enough, though. I care too much about those close to me to allow them to be hurt through my own inaction. It might not be the process I originally wanted, and it might not work perfectly with the first try, but recognizing these issues and addressing them for the sake of those I love is worth more to me than my own feeling squeamish about the process.