Staying positive with MS

Taking the plunge

This week I started the water aerobic therapy I’d been told would be beneficial. I didn’t really know what I was doing as I waded into the water, and I’m sure it showed. It doesn’t matter. I started! At first I was figuring out where in the pool the right depth was, and how to move my body in the water so that I was not only making the movements of walking, but actually moving through the water, too. Yesterday I upped the rate a bit, going for more heavy on the “aerobic” part of “water aerobics” I wore myself out thoroughly. I also appear to have worn through a few layers of skin with my feet on the rough concrete bottom of the pool. Oops! Looks like I’m taking a day off, and maybe looking for some aqua shoes to wear while I do this. I slept more soundly last night than I have in a while, though (When I slept, anyway. Having kids who don’t want to sleep at night is unhelpful.)

I can feel that this is a thorough full-body workout that has whatever intensity I desire to put into it. It’s just me and the water. Marines apparently call water aerobics “harder than running”, and I can see why. It is, however, amazingly wonderful how natural and comfortable it is to slip into the pool. I look forward to bringing updated results as the journey progresses. I wasn’t really expecting to see significant results for the first few weeks at least, but the way it’s going I may be surprised. Stay tuned.