Staying positive with MS

Plunging in again

It has been an interesting experience figuring how best to move in the water. It started as just floating in the water and gradually working my way across to the other side. After a few times in the pool, I started focusing more on the aerobic aspects of it. This in turn led to skinning my feet on the rough pool bottom, and in conjunction with a bout of seasonal flu/cold, ended in spending some time out of the pool. What now? Aqua shoes! The first time in the pool with them I knew it was a good move. There is no more wear and tear on my feet, and I’m now getting significantly better traction on the bottom of the pool. Rough estimates put me at around 36 trips across the pool, twenty or thirty feet per trip. I’ll increase the precision of my estimates as time goes on. I’m getting much better at economy of movement in the water. Afterwards I feel like I’ve had a thorough full body workout. Recently I’m feeling it particularly in my shins (odd) and lower back. I can tell it’s significantly working my core. It has improved my walk speed outside of the pool too. It’s an interesting form of meditation in motion, being more aware of my body. I focus on my center of gravity and on momentum. I focus on pushing my feet forward against the water. Because of the conservation of momentum in the water, I do a better job of setting a rhythm to my movement.

I will keep updating here as I progress with this. I am really looking forward to where I’ll be physically after a few weeks/months of doing it consistently (never missing more than two or three days in a row). It typically takes me sixty minutes all told to do thirty minutes of exercise, but I will be working on becoming more efficient there, too.