Staying positive with MS

Pool status update

Big news today – This marks the first week I’ve been in the pool every day before work, which was my original goal. How is it going? Well, my original estimates put me at 36 trips across the pool. I did a rough estimate today, and I was doing twenty passes… every five minutes! I was pretty consistently marking 40 passes every 10 minutes, and I want to increase that to 50, it’s my next goal. I’m figuring out how to move in the water efficiently, and drastically improving my turnaround time, which is awesome.

I can really feel it in my lower back today, so I know it’s working my core. My legs burn today, but not as much as they were earlier in the week, so I think I’m passing the initial pain of starting a consistent workout regime, which is also an exciting thing. I can feel where there will be improvements as my muscle tone and stamina improve. I can feel a more elevated heart rate, so I know my form is becoming more aerobic, which I know will have profound long-term positive impact for my health.

More than anything else, I feel like I’m finally finding my inner peace and beating the constant feeling of being overwhelmed all the time, which was what I set as my primary goal for 2015. I know everything is improving, and the best is yet to come. I haven’t felt this great in years!